About Cartbound


Cartbound is the leading provider of real-time retail price intelligence information for both consumers and businesses.

Consumers save time and money by using our Shopping List™ apps or browser extensions to easily and quickly compare prices for items they are interested in buying. They can save a list of items and receive automated alerts when prices drop, and even have the option to share their shopping lists with friends via social media.

Retailers use our real-time Price Guard Price Intelligence™ data to monitor competitors' prices, develop optimal pricing strategies to drive sales and increase margins, and even identify assortment gaps vis-a-vis their competition. Real-time price intelligence is becoming a requirement to stay competitive in today's highly dynamic retail pricing environment.

Manufacturers use our Price Guard MAP Monitor™ software-as-a-service to protect their brand by automatically detecting violations of minimum advertised pricing agreements. MAP Monitor tracks retail prices in real-time, detects each MAP violation and provides automated alerts to streamline enforcement. Manufacturers also use MAP Monitor to gain a better understanding of retailers' pricing and promotion strategies, and to identify unauthorized, gray-market resellers.

For more information and to download the FREE Cartbound Shopping List App, visit www.cartbound.com.