About Cartbound


Cartbound is a leading provider of retail price intelligence information for consumers and business. Our Price Guard Price Intelligence platform-as-a-service captures real-time price and availability data from leading retailers for millions of products/SKUs. Our data is crowd-sourced and systems are cloud-based (Microsoft Azure).

Consumers benefit by being able to comparison price shop using one of Cartbound’s shopping apps or the apps built by our partners (mobile and web-based). Search less, save more.

Retailers and distributors benefit by using our API to access data to develop pricing strategies, increase margins, and monitor competitor’s pricing - enabling them to act quickly to market changes. Manufacturers use our Price Guard MAP minimum advertised price monitoring service to protect their brand and watch their retailers pricing activities. Our consulting and analytics partners create custom data sets, reports and price intelligence dashboards for retailers of all sizes. Compete to win, set pricing with confidence.