About Cartbound


Cartbound is a leading provider of retail price intelligence information for both consumers and businesses. Our data is crowd-sourced and our software is cloud-based (Microsoft Azure).

Consumers benefit by being able to easily comparison price shop the web using one of Cartbound's shopping apps or browser extensions on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Consumers can save a portfolio of items and receive automated alerts when prices drop. Search less, save more™.

Our Price Guard Price Intelligence™ software captures real-time price and inventory data from leading retailers for millions of products/SKUs. Retailers benefit by using our data to monitor competitors' pricing, develop pricing strategies to drive sales, identify opportunities to increase margins, while enabling them to act quickly to market changes.

Manufacturers use our Price Guard MAP Monitoring™ software to protect their brand by detecting violations to their minimum advertised pricing policies, to monitor retailers' pricing activities, and identify unauthorized gray market resellers.

Cartbound's partners use our Price Guard Price Intelligence to create custom data sets, reports and price intelligence dashboards for retailers of all sizes.

For more information and to download the FREE Cartbound Shopping List App, visit www.cartbound.com.