Cartbound Shopping List App Help

Set Up Your Toolbar

The Cartbound button should appear on the top right side of the your browsers tool bar like this:

If you do not see the Cartbound logo you will need to add it to your commnd bar. If your command bar is not visible you can turn it on. For Internet Explorer 8 and 9 click on View > Toolbars > Command Bar in the drop down menu.

To add the Cartbound button to your command bar click on Tools > Toolbars > Customize

Find Cartbound in the list on the left and click "Add." Select the Cartbound icon and press the "Move Up" button to move the icon next to your Home icon. then click "Close".

You should see the Cartbound icon in your toolbar like this!

Anytime you wish to open or close your Cartbound sidebar, simply click this icon.

An overview of your Cartbound Side Bar

Real-time Price Comparisons

Right Click to Save Items to a List

On single item pages, right click the name of an item you would like to save into one of your folios.

Choose "Add to Cartbound" from the context menu.

Select the List you would like to place the item in.

Drag 'n Drop to Save Items to a List

There are two ways to drag 'n drop items to your Lists.

  1. Click and drag the favicon from your browser's address bar on single item pages.

  2. Click and drag the link of the item you would like to save from listing pages.

When you begin to drag a favicon or link you will see the "Drop Zone" open in your Cartbound sidebar.

Simply drop your item here, choose a List and your done!

List Item Details and Features