Price Guard MAP Monitor™

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Real-time Minimum Advertised Price Tracking and Enforcement

Price Guard MAP Monitor is the most advanced platform for monitoring online pricing and minimum advertised price (MAP) policy compliance in real-time. Finally, there is a next generation MAP monitoring platform that can keep up with the new age of online dynamic pricing. We provide the fidelity to measure intra-day price changes including retailers employing browser-type and regional dynamic pricing approaches.

Our unique self-serve portal empowers manufacturers and retailers of any size to monitor and enforce MAP policies in minutes.

The Price Guard platform captures retail market data in real-time and makes it easily accessible via a web portal that provides email alerts, violation snapshots and interactive price history charts.

Enforcement Plus™

Enforcement Plus,a premium upgrade, allows Price Guard MAP Monitor customers to create and store a library of response templates and messages with content customizable for each retailer, product type or any other criteria that suits their MAP policy requirements. In addition to integrated message content management, Enforcement Plus includes customizable contact management functionality that makes notification virtually a point-and-click process. Enforcement Plus gives manufacturers the tools to quickly act when non-compliance is detected.

Receive Real-time Alerts

Always On to Detect Intra-day Violations

Monitor Cart and Checkout Pricing/Discounting

Interactive Price Charts Updated in Real-time

Webpage Snapshots of Violations

How it Works

CSV File

Upload your list of SKUs with the MAP price.

Cartbound MAP Monitoring Dashboard

Access charts, reports and artifacts.

Cartbound MAP Violation Email Alert

Start receiving email alerts within minutes.

Intra-day & Interactive Price Tracking

Capture the intra-day price movements and short-window violations increasingly common with online repricing engines. See which Retailers violate MAP first.

Real-time Alerts

Compliance tracking straight to your inbox. Set email alerts so you can rapidly react to new MAP violators. Alerts can be batched as well as assigned to multiple email addresses.

Cart & Checkout Price Monitoring

Proprietary capability to monitor Cart and Checkout pricing and discounting. Provides unique data to help determine markdown exposure.

Compliance Snapshot

Cartbound captures screenshots and HTML code at time of compliance violation. These artifacts are easily viewable via the online portal and can also be downloaded.