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Cartbound Acquires Exclusive License Agreement of Digital Folio IP Assets

DENVER, CO, Jan. 8, 2014 – Cartbound Corp. announced today that it has entered into an exclusive, long-term license agreement for the intellectual property (IP) assets of Digital Folio Inc., a leader in retail price intelligence solutions. With the signing of this license agreement, Cartbound will provide one of the industry's most comprehensive retail price intelligence platforms, advanced consumer shopping list browser extensions and apps, and a robust web-based real-time pricing data API.

"Through the licensing of Digital Folio's IP assets, we will expand our access to retail price intelligence as well as leverage platform synergies. For our price comparison shoppers, the retailers and products covered increases significantly. For our business clients, our combined MAP (minimum advertised price) monitoring technologies and improved API/data service will be industry leading" stated Michael McNeill, President of Cartbound. "In particular, this license agreement brings industry leading technology related to real-time and historic price and product availability for our cloud-based environment, strengthening our portfolio and solidifying our offerings. It will also enable us to cross-sell and up-sell our solutions to existing business customers."

Digital Folio's shopping customers will benefit from Cartbound's focus and commitment to complete and deliver new and better price comparison apps and browser extensions. Cartbound's Price Guard Price Intelligence™ platform benefits business customers through innovative solutions like Price Guard MAP Monitor™ (minimum advertised price) monitoring and Price Guard Price Intelligence™ data API to access real-time retail product price and availability information.