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Real Time Price Intelligence

Cartbound offers a revolutionary price intelligence platform for retailers to help solve, analyze, and address pricing, product availability, and product placement actions of competitive retailers. Our data will give you the best picture of what is happening in the marketplace by retailer, product category and SKU. Many retailers make several price changes daily - competitive price data will help you react instantly and intelligently.

At the heart of the Price Intelligence platform-as-a-service is a proprietary, cloud-based, crowd-sourced price and product availability database and access via an API. The platform is capable of updating up to 10,000 product prices per second. Unlike web crawler-based data collection companies, we do not schedule our data collection to run against a retailer's website on a pre-set schedule. Our platform is collecting dynamic product pricing, product availability and product placement actions whenever that information changes.

Price Vibe by Cartbound

See Cartbound in action. Visit Price Vibe to view price changes as we detect them in real time!

Who Uses Cartbound

Our System is Designed For

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Know your competitors' prices – real time. Use Price Guard Price Intelligence for developing pricing strategies, maximizing profit (not just increasing unit volumes) and rapidly act on competitors' changes. Be informed and succeed in a rapidly changing market.

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Know the price, protect the brand. Use Price Guard Price Intelligence for developing pricing strategies and marketing plans, track the pricing activities of your retailers and watch out for unauthorized sellers. Added intelligence in your fight to protect the brand.

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Mobile Shopping App Developers

Go to market now. Use Price Guard Price Intelligence database and API to power your mobile shopping apps. No need to build a product/price database, it’s already available from Cartbound at a reasonable cost. Partner with the leader in price intelligence and succeed.

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Price Comparison / Shopping Sites

Buy instead of build. Use Price Guard Price Intelligence database and API to power the price comparison functionality within your site. Even if you have another PI source, let Cartbound backfill categories or retailers you’re currently not supporting.

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Analytics Firms

Customize, "white label" and resell. Cartbound offers attractive prices and flexible terms allowing you to resell a data set that meets your client’s specific needs. Even if you have other PI sources, Cartbound can supplement categories, retailers or historic data not currently supported.

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Data Providers

Use Price Guard Price Intelligence data to create new product offerings or enhance your existing products. Cartbound offers attractive prices and flexible terms allowing you to resell a data set that meets your client's specific needs. Add price intelligence and increase the value of your data catalog.

Who We Track

Cartbound is committed to bringing you unbiased and accurate shopping information for the top retailers. With Cartbound, you get real-time product pricing and availability for the item you want from the retailers shoppers trust.

Cartbound tracks millions of items across hundreds of categories including home electronics, large and small appliances, furniture, apparel, office supplies and more.

Sample Data

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Select a product type to see a small portion of the information our real-time Price Intelligence database gathers and stores. For more information about the data and how to access it, visit our API page.

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