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About the API

The Price Guard Price Intelligence database and API delivers real-time and historical intra-day pricing events across a rich set of product attributes including price, product availability, and placement data elements.

Key Features

  • Insight into competitive pricing movements and pricing strategies across competitors.
  • Intra-day pricing data driven by real shoppers in our shopping app network.
  • Retailer cart and checkout prices to complete visibility of offers.


Cartbound exposes three datasets on three different endpoints.

  • Products:  Product data representing the current market state. New products are added everyday.
  • Product Events:  Historical intra-day price changes for all the products the platform tracks. Each record has the old price and the new price of the product along with the date and time the price change happened.
  • Summaries:  Rolled up analytic summaries of the price changes. These records include data points such as high/low/close price and availability for daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.

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Flexible pricing.
Term/Volume discounts.
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Direct Excel integration with Power Pivot
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Sample Data

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Select a product type to see a small portion of the information our real-time Price Intelligence database gathers and stores. The data being returned is from the Product endpoint containing the current market state of products.

Name Retailer Sku Seller Id Seller Name Match Group Id Price Regular Price Price Type Brand Model Color UPC Shipping Cost Shipping Delay (days) Availability Quantity In Stock Product Url Image Url Price View Count Birthday Last Updated

Going Further

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Take the API for a spin. View example queries and raw output for our Product Data, Product Events like price changes, and Interval Summaries.