Cartbound for Windows 8

Cartbound makes your Windows 8 Charm Bar intelligent, giving you instant price comparisons as you shop across major retailers.

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No more side trips across web sites and shopping apps… just open your Charm Bar and click Share - you're done. Comparison shopping is made simple with Cartbound - the shopping application that makes your Charm Bar intelligent.

Also, Cartbound allows you to pin any product to your shopping list and get real-time tracking of any changes in price and availability via Windows 8 Live Tiles! With retailers changing prices up to 7 times a day it's impossible to keep up. Now you can - with Cartbound's Live Tiles.


Price Comparisons

Includes an intelligent advisor within your Windows 8 Charm Bar that provides on-the-fly comparisons and product pinning for automatic tracking and sharing.

Product Tracking

Receive real-time price updates, comparisons, and deals right on the products within your shopping list.

Constant Price Updates

The only platform that allows millions of everyday shoppers to detect product price and availability changes for each other in real-time.

Always With You

Automatically synchronizes your shopping across your desktop, tablet, and browser (phone coming soon). Your shopping is always with you.

Cartbound Shopping List App available for Windows 8

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